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About Southwind Whitetails
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To enhance and promote the profession of managing and hunting big game species and maintain a safe hunting environment. To provide high standards of ethical conduct while promoting responsible management practices and communicate this code of ethics to consumers. Provide our hunter with a positive and safe hunting experience while ensuring the welfare of the animals.

1. Conduct - Always honest and respectful.

2 Safety - Paramount importance for our guides and guests. All hunting equipment and ammunition is kept appropriately and in a safe manner at all times.

3. Responsibility - The facilities we provide and the management actions we take provides and maintains the welfare and well being of the animals within Southwind Preserve. Our method of hunting allowed ensures that the animal is hunted in a responsible and ethical manner. Every precaution is taken to ensure that the meat of the animals are fully utilized.

4. Fair chase practice - Our staff and guides only hunt in or offer a hunt in which the environment of fair chase hunting which should be defined as hunting in any area by any appropriate method which provides the hunted animal a reasonable chance an opportunity to elude the hunter. The method by which our animals are hunted ensures that the animal is hunted in a responsible and ethical manner.

5. Compliance - Proper records are maintained and all State and Federal laws pertaining to hunting are strictly followed.

6. Southwind Experience! We always accurately represent the hunting opportunities offered to the client.